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Sale Village 11 Factory Moisture Toner

Village 11 Factory Moisture Toner

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Face toner

Hi Seoul Award in 2017.

Moisturizing tonic provides an emollient and smoothing effect to the skin, contributing to its natural radiance. Active enzymes cleansed by bifidobacteria improve the elasticity of the skin, tone it and fill the weakened areas with microparticles, making the skin look smoother and younger. Water-based toner quickly absorbs and provides better assimilation of subsequently applied products.

Extract of the devil's claw root (Martini fragrant root) has healing and calming properties, removes toxins, inhibits the activity of viruses and bacteria, removes inflammation and irritation, eliminates edema and improves complexion. The complex of ceramides restores the hydro balance, reducing the loss of moisture and preventing dryness and tightness, slows down the age-related changes, increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin. 


After cleansing, apply toner with gentle movements to the skin with the help of cotton pads or palms. 


120 ml

11 Village FactoryDryFace tonerUnder $15

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