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Sale Village 11 Factory Daily Mild Sunscreen

Village 11 Factory Daily Mild Sunscreen

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Hi Seoul Award in 2017.

Daily sunscreen with the effect of nutrition and moisturizing. Mild daily care and protection from ultraviolet rays. Soothing care, thanks to an inorganic filter.

The texture of the cream is instantly absorbed into the skin, doesn't create a sticky effect. The cream contains an extract of portolac, extract of Centella Asiatica, extract of chia seeds, extract of hauttunia.

Portulaca extract helps reduce deep wrinkles, affects the muscular level. Prevents the formation of new wrinkles. Effectively protects skin collagen from damage. Increases the protective function of the skin and effectively reduces the sensitivity of the skin, preventing the occurrence of irritation.

Extract of Centella stimulates the synthesis of collagen, enhances blood microcirculation in the dermis, fights free radicals, accelerates the regeneration of cells, smooths wrinkles, gives the skin a firm, fresh, smart appearance.

Chia seeds are enriched with proteins, antioxidants and nutrients such as omega-3. Chia seed oil is a vegetable component that is absolutely harmless to the skin, even hypersensitive child skin.

The cream is suitable for daily use, perfect for protection from the sun, and also for nourishing the skin, and as a foundation for makeup.


Apply the cream before going to the sun to cleansed and toned skin, evenly distribute and wait for a few minutes until the cream "settles", then continue applying makeup. 


50 ml

11 Village FactorySensitiveSunscreenUnder $15

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