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Sale Too Cool For School Rules of Pore Get Ready Dual Primer

Too Cool For School Rules of Pore Get Ready Dual Primer

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Perfect product for masking the expanded pores, wrinkles and unevennesses from the To Get Cool Dual Primer consists of a light moisturizing primer (in a tube) and a special Magic Away balsam that is in the cap of the tube. The primer completely prepares the skin for the further application of the BB cream, greatly enhancing its resistance. The product does not contain oils.

Perfectly moisturizes the skin due to the deep sea water and has a soothing effect, preventing the appearance of skin irritations, thanks to the extract of the portolac. Special silicone powder absorbs excessive sebum, removes greasy shine, permanently matures and smooths the texture of the skin. The magic balm Magic Away erases the expanded pores, irregularities and wrinkles, making the skin smooth and smooth. 


After your usual morning cosmetic care, apply a moisturizing primer to your skin. Then apply on the necessary areas with enlarged pores, irregularities and wrinkles (wings of the nose, cheeks, corners of the eyes) primer-balm from the lid of the tube. After that, apply your BB-cream or foundation. 


50 ml

$15-30Large poresNormalOilyPigmentationPrimerToo Cool for School

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