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Sale Too Cool For School Pumpkin Slim Body Shaper

Too Cool For School Pumpkin Slim Body Shaper

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Body lotion

New body shaper that effectively improves body shape and provides the cooling effect. This slimming massager helps to lift and firm saggy skin. Enriched with butternut squash it nourishes the skin for a smooth complexion. Formulated with Super-Slim Complex (onion extract, psidium guajava fruit extract, boesenbergia pandurata rhizome extract, and puer tea extract) to improve skin elasticity. 


Apply the slimming cream to the desired body area, place the massager onto your skin. Squeeze the massager to massage your skin. After massaging, pat in the remaining cream onto the skin for better absorption. 


200 ml

$15-30Body lotionLoose skinToo Cool for School

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