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Sale Too Cool For School Pumpkin Hydra & Peeling Duo Pads

Too Cool For School Pumpkin Hydra & Peeling Duo Pads

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Cleansing wipes

Double cleansing wipes consist of a moisturizing cloth (PH 5.2) and a peeling cloth (PH 4.6). Peeling-napkin gently exfoliates, renews, improves face tone. The napkin helps to improve air exchange, regeneration processes, gives the face smoothness, radiance, freshness, removes peeling, softens coarsened areas, removes dirt from pores, and helps to narrow them. The moisturizing cloth contains Coenzyme Q10, which is a catalyst in the production of energy necessary for the vital functions of cells, and a natural protector of the mitochondria of cells, where free radicals are formed during the respiratory cycle with the participation of oxygen. It acts as a strong antioxidant, also preventing the peroxidation of skin lipids (a process that leads to the formation of a large number of free radicals, causing, in particular, premature aging of the skin) and restoring vitamin E. Coenzyme Q10 itself does not oxidize, because the cells have enzyme systems, which provide its recovery. Pumpkin extract and pumpkin seed oil have a fortifying, anti-inflammatory and firming effect. Prevent damage to skin fibers, improving its microrelief and elasticity. They contribute to the strengthening of metabolic processes, accelerating the enzymatic reactions in the skin.


cleanse the face (wash), use a peeling tissue, then moisturizing, then continue daily care.


50 sheets

$15-30Cleansing wipesToo Cool for School

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