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Sale TonyMoly The Fresh Phytoncide Pore Gel Cream

TonyMoly The Fresh Phytoncide Pore Gel Cream

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Face cream

Tony Moly The Fresh Phytoncide Pore Gel Cream Refreshing Face Cream contains cypress infusion (85%), grape seed extract, apple extract, sugarcane extract, allantoin, lavender oil. The line softens the skin, smoothes, strengthens turgor, neutralizes the effect of free radicals, tones. Gently and gently cares for the skin, has a pronounced calming effect, relieves inflammation and redness. The phytoncide complex as part of the line brightens the skin, disinfects the skin. Helps maintain freshness of the skin, controls the sebaceous glands, tightens pores and maintains smoothness of the skin. EWG Green100% formula restores the protective barrier of sensitive skin. The line uses 100% natural Japanese cypress. Japanese cypress extract contains a large number of phytoncides, which help with atopic dermatitis, soothe and normalize the condition of the skin. It has bactericidal, restorative properties, improves blood circulation. Grape seed extract is extremely rich in omega-6. This essential fatty acid is involved in the formation of cell membranes and is an important antioxidant that strengthens the immune system and at the same time improves skin elasticity and hydration.


Apply a small amount of the product on the skin with soft, massaging movements.


60 ml

$15-30AcneCombinationFace creamLarge poresNormalOilyPost-acneSensitiveTonyMoly

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