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Sale TonyMoly The Chok Chok Green Tea Essential Soothing Gel

TonyMoly The Chok Chok Green Tea Essential Soothing Gel

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Soothing gel

This product is intended to quickly refresh and tone up your dry & thirsty skin. The Chok Green Tea Essential Soothing Gel has a light refreshing effect, and also mattes the skin, helps to reduce the enlarged skin pores, regulates metabolic processes. Is ideal for oily and mixed skin care as well.

Composed of an extract of green tea (99% in total), which is used in cosmetology due to its pronounced antioxidant effect. It eliminates irritation in some areas of the skin and also promotes the deep impact of nutrients entering the skin. Has a lightweight non-sticky formula.

Caffeine, as a part of green tea extract, improves blood circulation in the blood vessels that permeate the layers of the epidermis. This contributes to improving the nutritional properties of the skin, oxygen saturation and smoothing of the skin color.

Tannins increase elasticity, and vitamins B2 and K contribute to the early healing of small wounds. Tanning components of green tea create a protective film on the skin, acting as a bactericidal barrier.

Due to its unique properties, green tea saturates the skin with moisture, softens it and protects from harmful effects of negative factors, often leading to premature aging. A light matting effect contributes to a significant renewal of the facial skin and smoothing of the tone.


Apply to your skin gently with light pats.


200 ml

Damaged skinDryLoose skinRednessSensitiveSoothing gelTonyMolyUnder $15

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