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Sale TonyMoly The Black Tea London Classic Eye Cream

TonyMoly The Black Tea London Classic Eye Cream

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Eye cream

Anti-aging eye cream, providing the skin with a gentle and complete care. Active components of The Black Tea London Classic Eye Cream have a complex effect: they are moistened with valuable substances, soften, smooth and return the natural radiance.

The main components of The Black Tea London Classic Eye Cream are:

Black tea extract - fills the skin with vitality, restores its elasticity, nourishes, eliminates age-related changes and delays moisture in the cells.
Green tea extract - heals lesions, heals acne, normalizes blood circulation and metabolism, smoothes the skin.
Niacinamide - suppresses the synthesis of melanin and effectively fights pigmented spots, normalizes important processes, prevents loss of moisture, eliminates dryness and eliminates peeling, protects against ultraviolet light and enhances immune functions.
Bergamot oil - effectively combats pigmentation, eliminates unpleasant shine, relieves inflammation, cures acne and narrows pores.
Sunflower oil - fills the skin with moisture, has an antioxidant effect and prevents early wilting.
Tea tree oil - eliminates redness, heals wounds, gently cleanses the skin.
Adenosine - has an anti-aging effect, promotes skin renewal, makes it more elastic and smoothes irregularities.
Extract of cocoa - intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, eliminates peeling, restores and perfectly tones.
If you use The Black Tea London Classic Eye Cream regularly, your skin will become surprisingly soft, perfectly smooth, elastic and radiant.


Apply proper amount on eyes or wrinkle parts and pat lightly to absorb, applicable on neck wrinkles. 


30 ml

$30-50Eye creamLoose skinPigmentationTonyMolyWrinkles

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