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Sale TonyMoly Tako Pore Bubble Pore Pack

TonyMoly Tako Pore Bubble Pore Pack

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Face mask

Bubble mask for clean pores.

Black octopuses will become reliable assistants in the fight for clean, light skin. Lovely inhabitants of the seas and oceans are designed to cleanse the surface of the skin and its pores from contamination, they help to get rid of the "blackheads", normalize the work of the sebaceous glands.

TonyMoly Tako Pore Bubble Pore Pack is a bubble mask for cleansing pores and controlling the fat content of the skin.

Mask is a mixture of clay and powder of charcoal, peat water, sea water and sea salt. This "rattling" mixture is applied to the face and it immediately begins to bubble - sensations are inexpressible! Mask bubbles penetrate into the pores and clean out all contaminants there, and also help exfoliate the keratinized particles of the epidermis from the surface of the skin, remove excess skin fat - that is, effectively wash off everything that serves as food for the pathogens that cause acne.

Mud clay Rotorua has excellent cleaning properties, as it has an intense absorbent effect. Penetrating into the pores, it removes excess fat and slag, cleans the skin of toxins, destroys pathogenic organisms, while not affecting the healthy skin. Accelerates the healing and regeneration of tissues, prevents the appearance of scars. Also, the mud calms the skin, relieves irritation, strengthens skin immunity.

Seawater and sea salt saturate the skin with useful microelements, have a moisturizing, calming and anti-inflammatory effect, help normalize the water-salt balance of the skin, remove excess fluid and reduce puffiness, improve complexion.

Taurine promotes an increase in the elasticity of the pore walls so that the cleaned pores contract faster and better.


Take an appropriate amount, spread smoothly, and wash off with warm water after 3 ~ 5 minutes.


65 g

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