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Sale TonyMoly Rr. For Better Theanine Hair Mist

TonyMoly Rr. For Better Theanine Hair Mist

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Hair spray

Refreshing mist for hair with natural extract of green tea and herbals.

The composition includes Green tea water, Teanine (100 ppm), Green tea extract, Hydrolyzed protein, Hibiscus flower extract, Lotus extract, Extract of violet tricolor, Bark crust extract, Soap grass extract, Sea salt.

Catechin, contained in green tea, effectively removes waste and treats hair and scalp.

Mist for the hair, which refreshes the scalp, restores the weak and thin hair. Two-layer (moisture + oil) two-in-one mite provides nutrition and hydration. A fresh, lightweight mister provides a smooth shine and nourishes the hair.


Spray on a previously towel-dried hair from a 30 cm range.


100 ml

Hair SprayTonyMolyUnder $15

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