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Sale TonyMoly Natural Aroma Mask

TonyMoly Natural Aroma Mask

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Sheet mask

A series of SPA sheet masks from Tony Moly containing several essential oils. These masks have a moisturizing and rejuvenating effect. Aroma oils perfectly relax and relieve stress.

The series is presented in 5 versions:

Natural Aroma Rosemary Oil Mask - contains an essential rosemary oil. This is an excellent savior for problem and oily skin. A rosemary oil returns elasticity and smoothness to the face skin, softens irritated areas of the skin, smooths or completely eliminates scars and scars, including post-acne, relieves inflammation, disinfects, dries.

Natural Aroma Rosewood Oil Mask - contains rosewood oil. Deeply moisturizes the skin, gives it an extra elasticity. Nourishes it and improves its barrier functions. Helps to smooth out fine wrinkles. Aligns the skin color. Normalizes the cellular respiration of the skin.

Natural Aroma Lavender Oil Mask - lavender oil is effective in caring for oily and problematic skin, also perfectly suited for combination skin. Essential oil of lavender has a certain antiseptic effect, increases the regeneration of derma tissues, saturates your skin with moisture and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. The mask perfectly calms down your face skin and removes inflammation.

Natural Aroma Eucalyptus Oil Mask - contains eucalyptus oil -a wonderful tool for caring of oily and problem face skin. In addition to helping to get rid of acne, it also contributes to the normalization of the sebaceous glands, as well as helping to eliminate the earthy complexion. This mask restores elasticity and tone of the skin, cleans up its enclogged pore debirs. Rejuvenates the skin cells. Removes uneven pigmentation.

Natural Aroma Tea Tree Oil Mask - with the extract of tea tree it perfectly controls the work of sebaceous glands, thereby improving the condition of the oily skin type. Also it feeds cells with oxygen, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants - substances that help skin rejuvenate and slow the aging process. The mask improves skin color, makes it silky and soft, eliminates greasy sheen, whitens pigmented spots.


Apply on a dry face skin and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. After gently pat the leftovers to your skin.


21 g

AcneCombinationDryDull skin toneLarge poresLoose skinNormalOilyPigmentationPost-acneRednessSheet maskTonyMolyUnder $15Wrinkles

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