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Sale TonyMoly From Ganghwa Pure Artemisia Two Layering Calming Cream

TonyMoly From Ganghwa Pure Artemisia Two Layering Calming Cream

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Face cream

Soothing in one layer, Moisturizing in one layer. Two layers of soothing cream to care for deep moisture and moisture in the skin and two layers of more dense care. Moisturizing, thick gel texture revitalizes the skin. It moisturizes rough and dry skin and soothes sensitive skin. 


At the last step of the basic skincare, take an appropriate amount and gently spread from the inside of the face to the outside to absorb it. Use Relief Cream on T zones or jaw areas as they are oily and water deficient. Use Deep Creams on below eye area or around the mouth because the moisture is easily evaporated. Depending on the condition of your skin that changes daily, you can use a blending of Relief Cream and Deep Cream. 


64ml (32ml+32ml)

$50+DryFace creamSensitiveTonyMoly

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