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Sale TonyMoly Green Vita C Sparkling Serum

TonyMoly Green Vita C Sparkling Serum

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Face serum

Sparkling serum with sparkling shimmery moisture capsule with soft melt for glowing skin care. Essential ingredients + moisture ingredient pang pang! Real active brightening care Iceland moss extract 60% gives effective moisture supply. Tangerine green freshness, fruit scented pure extract vital-brightening. Low temperature extracted to reduce damaged of organic acids and vitamins from the heat. Moisture capsule pops and delivers moisture quickly for moist skin care. Main ingredients are Tangerine peel extract, Iceland moss extract (50%), AQUAXYL ingredient, Peppermint extract, Allantoin, Centella Asiatica extract, xylityl glucoside.


Apply appropriate amount and pat gently for absorption. Reapply thin layer onto blemish areas. 


55 ml

$15-30Dull skin toneFace serumTonyMoly

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