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Sale TonyMoly Dr. For Better Theanine Treatment

TonyMoly Dr. For Better Theanine Treatment

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Hair mask

SA special treatment targeting dry and damaged hair. Thiamine from the composition has a powerful restoring effect, fills hair follicles with energy, increases the strength and elasticity of hair, fastens the scales on the surface of the hair so that the hair becomes smooth, soft, shiny and silky.

This conditioner with thiamine perfectly refreshes hair and scalp on hot days, and besides, it helps to solve such problems as intensive loss of moisture, fragility, dryness, split ends, loss of elasticity and gloss, tangling.

With regular use of the conditioner with thiamine, the hair regains its strength and shine, becomes thicker, softer and silky.


Use after your rinse. Keep it on for several minutes and then rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.


300 ml

$15-30Hair maskTonyMoly

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