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Sale TonyMoly Delight Circle Lens Mascara

TonyMoly Delight Circle Lens Mascara

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New mascara for your eyelashes, produces in several versions. Two versions contain coal-black mineral pigments yielding intense black colour to your eyelashes, while the third contains a reinforcing agent. This composition is safe to use even with the most sensitive eyes. Contains Argan oil and black rice extract for perfect nourishment and strength of your eyelashes. Versions are as follows: Volume – with a special brush, wider at the base then thinning towards the end, to ensure maximum volume of your eyelashes from their roots till their tips. Curling – with a bow-shaped brush for extra volume, twisted motions recommended. Clear – with a wave-shaped brush, not to dye, but rather to strengthen and nourish your eyelashes with vitamins, adding volume.


 Apply to both upper and lower eyelashes with zigzag motions.


8.5 g

MascaraTonyMolyUnder $15

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