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Sale TonyMoly Bio EX Cell Toning Cream

TonyMoly Bio EX Cell Toning Cream

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Face cream

Bio Ex Cell is a premium line of care products from the South Korean brand Tony Moly. The action of the funds from the collection is aimed at lightening the shade of the epidermis, saturating the cells with moisture, strengthening skin immunity, restoring, healing microdamages and fighting inflammation. Bio Ex Cell Toning Cream is a wonderful tonic cream for women after 35 years. Its composition is enriched with glutathione and natural extracts, thanks to which the color of the face is leveled and the natural balance of hydration is normalized.

Features of Tony Moly Face Cream:

- bleaches scars and traces of acne;

- inhibits the production of melanin, thereby eliminating age spots;

- reduces the appearance of freckles;

- intensively moisturizes;

- nourishes with useful ingredients;

- starts the process of cell regeneration;

- protects the epidermis from oxidation;

- prevents early wrinkles;

- increases tone;

- reduces redness of the face;

- restores the beauty of dull, tired and elastic skin;

- gives a beautiful tone;

- gives silkiness, softness and radiance.


After cleansing and toning the skin, apply a little cream, avoiding the skin around the eyes.


60 ml

$50+AcneCombinationDamaged skinDryDull skin toneFace creamLarge poresLoose skinOilyPigmentationPost-acneRednessTonyMolyWrinkles

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