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Sale TonyMoly Bio EX Cell Hyaluronic Volume Spot

TonyMoly Bio EX Cell Hyaluronic Volume Spot

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Face cream

Volume spot cream for areas that require extra intensive care, restores dull and rough skin, filling it with moisture and creates bright and supple skin Hyaluronic acid solves the fundamental drying, promotes moisture density UP, attracts moisture and moisturizes skin, penetrates deep into the skin Contains 5000ppm of 7-fold hyaluronic acid and high-purity hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronic acid), which intensively cares for dry areas and enhances moisture and fullness; can be used as eye cream and neck cream. Contains spirulina ingredients to care for fine lines and elastic skin aging problem.


Before using the facial cream, take a small amount and apply onto the wrinkled areas, such as the corners of the eyes, smile line, then tap for absorption.


30 ml

$50+DryFace creamLoose skinTonyMolyWrinkles

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