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Sale TonyMoly Bio Ex Cell Peptide Wrinkle Perfector Set

TonyMoly Bio Ex Cell Peptide Wrinkle Perfector Set

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Eye cream

The pre-finishing product from Bio Ex-Cell series that has to be applied as one of the lastest. Provides moisturizing, immunostimulating, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects.

It regulates sebaceous secretion, promotes the withdrawal of excess fluid, effectively cleans and disinfects the skin, activates the processes of intracellular and intercellular exchange, and saturates the cells with oxygen.

Stimulates the material exchange in tissues and cells, additionally mineralizes skin cells, improves local and general blood circulation, improves elasticity and firmness of the skin, has the ability to rejuvenate the skin of the face. Restores the brightness and boosts up skin tone.


Apply to the previously moistened face skin after cream.


15 ml/30 ml

$50+Eye creamLoose skinPigmentationTonyMolyWrinkles

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