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Sale TonyMoly Bio Ex Cell Peptide Emulsion

TonyMoly Bio Ex Cell Peptide Emulsion

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Face emulsion

This super enriched emulsion contains only herbal extracts, such as allantoin, Ascent Centella extract, Portulacol extract, Chestnut extract, Chamomile extract, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Theanine, Milk Lipids, Sea Marine Critclum, Hexacarboxymethyldipeptide-12, and EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor).

Boosts the moisturizing, immunostimulating, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects for your skin.

Its formula regulates sebaceous secretion, promotes the withdrawal of excess fluid, effectively cleans and disinfects the skin, activates the processes of intracellular and intercellular exchange, and saturates the cells with oxygen.

Stimulates the material exchange in tissues and cells.

Contains "a peptide component derived from botulinum", which provides effective anti-aging care, minimizes the depth of wrinkles and prevents the skin from chronostaining.


Use after your essence or eye cream. Apply gently to your skin with pats.


130 ml

$30-50Face emulsionLoose skinPigmentationTonyMolyWrinkles

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