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Sale The SAEM Urban Eco Waratah Eye Cream

The SAEM Urban Eco Waratah Eye Cream

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Eye cream

Lightweight cream made for a thin and sensitive eyelids skin. During our complicated life, they struggle a lot. They have been poured over with tears, burn down with sun and light, dry from the hot or windy weather. Do you agree that they need some treatment?

The Saem offers this perfect eye cream out of famous Waratah series, targeting dull, thin, irritated and wrinkles-full skin.

The main component of it stays the same: the Telopea extract mixed with niacinamide and vitamins.

In facts, its composed of niacinamide, ceramide, adenosine, grape seed oil, finishing with a complex of oils and extracts that are no less exotic than Telopea, which moisturizes the skin, relieves inflammation and redness, nourish and soften your face, applying a general rejuvenating effect afterward.

Has an intensified effect to the skin: increases elasticity and strength of connective tissues, actively restores the structure of them, increases the turgor, moisturizes, makes fine wrinkles less noticeable, smoothes the skin tone, brightens up pigmentation.

Parabens-, synthetic dyes-, mineral oils-, products of animal origin,-free.


Apply appropriate amount around eyes.


30 ml

$30-50Eye creamLoose skinPigmentationThe SAEMWrinkles

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