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Sale The SAEM Urban Eco Waratah Ampoule

The SAEM Urban Eco Waratah Ampoule

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Face ampoule

Red 'hello' from Australia produced in South Korea, based on a very natural and caring Telopea extract. This flower is very popular among Korean cosmetologists, even though its new and fairly away located ingredient.

The most effective product out of Urban Eco series. Made for dry and rough skin, lacking softness and elasticity. A natural Telopea extract was added to help your skin to maintain its natural elasticity, to promote deep moisture lock and to set up the hydration level for a long time. Also prevents the first signs of aging.

It contains a large percentage of active components in a quite high concentration, practically contains no thickeners and softeners, unlike the cream. Its target is a bringing a maximum of useful components to the dermis. The product quickly and deeply gets deep into skin cells, then launching several vital processes at their level. The cream immediately "seals" the active ingredients inside, creates a protective barrier, prevents moisture loss and protects the skin from unfavorable environmental factors.

Has an intensified effect to the skin: increases elasticity and strength of connective tissues, actively restores the structure of it, increases the turgor, moisturizes, makes fine wrinkles less noticeable, smoothes the skin tone, brightens up pigmentation.

The main components are: niacinamide, ceramides, adenosine, grape seed oil, and a complex of oils and extracts that are no less exotic than telopea, helping to moisturize the skin, relieve inflammation and blemish, nourish and soften your face.

Parabens-, synthetic dyes-, mineral oils, products of animal origin-free. Suits to people with serious acne issues.


Before serum, take proper amount of it and apply it softly. Wrap your face with your palms. 


55 ml

$15-30Face ampouleLoose skinPigmentationThe SAEMWrinkles

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