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Sale The SAEM Saemmul Serum Lip Gloss

The SAEM Saemmul Serum Lip Gloss

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Lip gloss

Tinted lip gloss will be the bright finishing touch of makeup. The product with a delicate jelly texture gently covers the skin of the lips and gives it a glossy shine and a rich shade. In addition, the gloss visually increases the volume of the lips, making them incredibly sexy and attractive. Thanks to natural components, the gloss has a moisturizing effect, softens and smoothes the skin of the lips, makes it elastic and silky. The gloss is more comfortable on the lips, does not leave a greasy or sticky film, does not cause a feeling of tightness. A convenient applicator will help to smoothly and flawlessly apply the product, and a persistent formula will preserve lip makeup for a long time.


Apply on clean, dry skin of the lips, can be used on top of your favorite lipstick.


4.5 g 

Lip glossThe SAEMUnder $15

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