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Sale The SAEM Chaga Facial Oil

The SAEM Chaga Facial Oil

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Face oil

Anti-aging oil with pronounced effect. Fermented extract of Siberian fungus has deep regenerating effect, giving it smoothness, softness and silkiness, improving texture and slowing down the process of disintegration of fibers. Chaga is a source of a whole range of effective ingredients that protect skin from moisture loss, fading and dull appearance. Fungus extract relieves symptoms of stress and fatigue, restores skin cells, eliminates peeling and flabbiness. In addition to fungus extract this oil is enriched with extracts of shiitake, wood ear, tangerine peel oil, macadamia nut and so on. Ideal for skin after 30 years. Exquisite care for those who prefer the most natural cosmetics.


After cleansing and toning, apply moderate amount of product onto your face softly by lightly patting.


30 ml

$15-30Face oilLoose skinPigmentationThe SAEMWrinkles

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