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Sale New The SAEM Natural Condition Cleansing Oil

The SAEM Natural Condition Cleansing Oil

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Cleansing oil

Deep Clean - Hydrophilic cleansing oil for problematic, oily and combination skin. The product is developed taking into account the characteristics of the skin, prone to the appearance of acne and acne. The oil gently cleanses damaged skin, contributing to its renewal and regeneration. Due to the active components of the product - a complex based on jojoba, cotton, apricot oils - the oil deeply cleanses the skin from any kind of makeup, including waterproof makeup. Removing any scars, dust and excess skin sebum, cleans pores, preventing the appearance of acne and acne. The skin becomes more elastic, smooth and velvety, evens out its tone and relief. Regular use of hydrophilic oil will help regulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands, due to which the skin becomes more dull even in the T-zone.

Mild - A mild cleansing hydrophilic oil for gentle makeup removal of any complexity. The product gently cleanses the skin, softens and nourishes it, fights against the premature appearance of wrinkles, smoothes the skin texture, evens out its color. The skin becomes smoother, softer and firmer, inflammations disappear, the face looks fresher and rested. The composition of the oil includes a complex of soothing and softening skin components: rosehip oil smoothes the skin, eliminating its dryness and preventing the appearance of peeling, chamomile and purslane extracts remove inflammatory processes and eliminate pimples on the skin, stimulating the cell renewal process. Soybean extract strengthens the cellular immunity of the skin, improving its general condition and helping to create a natural protective barrier on the skin. A convenient dispenser allows you to spend the product as economically as possible, therefore, even despite the small volume of the product, there will be enough oil for a long time.

Moisture - Hydrophilic makeup remover oil with a wide range of effects. The tool not only effectively dissolves even the most persistent make-up, but also has a caring effect: moisturizes the skin, eliminates peeling, imperfections, deeply cleanses the pores, preventing the appearance of black and white spots. Hydrophilic oil can easily remove BB and SS cream, lip tint, mascara and other cosmetics. Unlike other makeup removers, hydrophilic oil does not dry the skin, but rather moisturizes and nourishes it. It optimizes the skin's moisture balance, eliminates tightness and peeling, leaves a feeling of softness and comfort after use. A complex based on natural oils in the composition of the product will help soften the skin, improve the condition of problem skin, and also prevent the appearance of comedones. The oil is suitable for daily use on any type of skin, especially recommended for dry and dehydrated.


Ыqueeze a little oil and apply on dry skin. Massage in a circular motion until you completely remove all makeup. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. If necessary, you can additionally wash with foam.


180 ml

Deep Clean: Mineral oil, ethylhexyl palmitate, phage-20 glyceryl triisostearate, cetylhexylhexanoate, isopropyl myristate, C13-15 alkane, phage-10 isostearate, purified water, linseed oil, Jojoba seed oil, cottonseed oil, peat extract, tocopheryl acetate, 1,2-hexanediol, fragrance; Mild: Mineral oil, ethylhexyl palmitate, ethylhexyl stearate, isopropyl myristate, phage-20 glyceryl triisostearate, Phyto-8 diisostearate, soybean extract, rosehip fruit oil, bamboo sap, extract of march, chamomile flower oil, glycerin, purified water, tocopheryl acetate, Propylene glycol, butyleneglycol, 1,2-hexanediol, octanediol, ethylhexyl glycerin, dipropylene glycol, fragrance; Mild - Mineral oil, ethylhexyl palmitate, phage-20 glyceryl triisostearate, ethylhexyl stearate, phage-8 diisostearate, Soybean extract, green tea seed oil, coconut oil, rooibos extract, green tea extract, munguk flower extract, jasmine extract, lemon balm extract, Rosemary extract, sunflower oil extract, glycerin, purified water, tocopheryl acetate, pentyleneglycol, butylene glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, octanediol, ethylhexyl glycerin, perfume. $15-30AcneBlackheadsCleansing oilCombinationDamaged skinDryDull skin toneHatherineLarge poresNormalOilyPost-acneRednessSensitive

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