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Sale The SAEM Dear My Foot Cooling Long Leg Mask

The SAEM Dear My Foot Cooling Long Leg Mask

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Foot peeling
Nature Republic

The Saem Dear My Foot Cooling Long Leg Mask is great for relieving fatigue. The mask contains natural oils, menthol, which perfectly relieve the stress of the legs, take care of them, relieve irritation, promote the outflow of blood. The mask gives lightness and tones. The complex of natural oils effectively affects tired skin of the legs, gives lightness and tones the vitality of the skin. It removes excess fluid and reduces swelling, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, effectively relieves fatigue and gives the legs freshness. Particularly recommended for people experiencing dynamic stress throughout the day. Menthol has a relaxing effect on the muscles and walls of blood vessels, improves blood circulation. It normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands, absorbs excess sebum, relieves irritation and redness, has an anti-inflammatory effect, refreshes and eliminates the feeling of “oily heaviness”. Lowers local temperature. Promotes the outflow of blood, facilitates drainage, circulation and muscle relaxation.


Open the socks and put them on. Tear open the packet containing peeling liquid and pour the entire contents into one sock. Repeat for the other sock. Leave on for 60 to 90 minutes. Do not leave the product on for more than 90 minutes as the formula contains highly concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). You can put a pair of normal socks on top which will keep peeling socks in place and give you more comfort. Remove the socks after 60 - 90 min and rinse your feet thoroughly. Dead skin cell will start to fall off after 4 to 6 days and it will completely fall off in 2 weeks. When your skin starts to peel off, it's recommended to help peeling by massaging your feet gently when taking a shower. This will help to complete the peeling process quicker. Do not try to peel the skin off forcefully. Wait until all the dead skin cells naturally fall off, then you will feel no irritation or discomfort. One-two weeks after use, nearly all your calluses will come off and your feet will feel baby-soft.


1 pair of socks

Foot peelingNature RepublicUnder $15

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