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Sale The Saem Cell Renew Bio Emulsion

The Saem Cell Renew Bio Emulsion

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Face emulsion

With age, the skin's natural protective barrier weakens noticeably, and age-related skin imperfections are aggravated by the destructive effects of environmental factors.

An uncompromising solution in the struggle for the restoration of youthfulness and health of the skin of the face are plant stem cells, which have a powerful regenerative effect, which stimulates the growth of their own collagen fibers and eliminates the obvious age signs of mature skin. A light, non-greasy Cell Renew Bio Emulsion is instantly absorbed by skin cells, eliminating flaking and smoothing fine wrinkles, as well as relieving dryness, redness and irritation of dry and sensitive skin.

Plant stem cells stabilize metabolic processes in skin cells and promote the elimination of accumulated toxins, instantly refreshing and soothing the skin.

Mineral water perfectly tones the skin and deeply moisturizes it, helping to restore its well-groomed and healthy glow.

Adenosine and vitamin B3, which are also active components of the emulsion, effectively protect the skin from various kinds of influences, increase its elasticity and eliminate excessive pigmentation, visually leveling the relief, making the skin lighter and more radiant. Their complex effect optimizes the hydrolipidic balance of the skin, and also removes traces of post-acne and redness, restoring flawlessness to the skin.

With regular use of the emulsion, the aging process of the skin is slowed down, it looks toned, healthy and soft, delighting with its beauty.

Combine Cell Renew Bio products from Saem for the greatest effect.


Thoroughly cleanse the skin, then distribute the emulsion with gentle patting movements.


150 ml

$30-50Face emulsionLoose skinThe SAEMWrinkles

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