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Sale The SAEM Body & Soul Love Hawaii Body Scrub

The SAEM Body & Soul Love Hawaii Body Scrub

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Body scrub

Perfumed body scrub is an excellent fragrance for cleansing and renewing the skin. Plant extracts and oils have a caring effect: moisturize and nourish the skin, soften it, soothe irritations, relieve peeling, and are also powerful antioxidants that slow down the aging process of the skin. Powder from finely ground apricot kernels effectively exfoliates dead skin cells of the epidermis, gently polishes the skin, provides an excellent massage effect, stimulates skin renewal and rejuvenation. Jojoba oil - suitable for the care of any type of skin, especially effective for dry, aging, flaky, sagging skin: it has a nourishing, moisturizing, softening effect, makes the skin supple and elastic, reduces swelling. Shea butter - a natural oil obtained from nuts of the tropical shea tree (shea butter), has valuable properties for the skin: it improves skin tone and elasticity, moisturizes, fights against dryness and peeling, and helps with dermatitis and other skin inflammations.

THE SAEM Body & Soul Love Hawaii Body Scrub - scrub with a floral aroma, contains hibiscus extract, which stimulates the production of collagen, helps maintain moisture in the skin, softens it, and has anti-inflammatory effects. The scrub retains a thin fragrant plume on the skin after washing and envelops the body with the entrancing smells of flowers and fruits. 


Apply a small amount of scrub to wet skin of the body with massaging movements, then rinse with warm water. 


200 ml

Body scrubThe SAEMUnder $15

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