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Sale The SAEM Active Source Peeling Ampoule

The SAEM Active Source Peeling Ampoule

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Face ampoule

Ampoule essence gently exfoliates dead skin cells, making it smooth, supple and nourished. It has a gentle effect, activates the processes of renewal and restores the natural radiance. Active Source Peeling Ampoule is easily distributed and instantly absorbed, leaving a comfortable feeling. The main components of the tool are: ANA and BHA acids - soften the stratum corneum and remove it, clean and tighten pores, lighten pigmentation, eliminate dryness and peeling, relieve swelling. Hauttunia extract - enhances blood microcirculation, fights inflammation, and has an antiseptic effect. Chia seed extract - smoothes wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, deeply moisturizes and prevents moisture loss, increases defenses. The Saem essence relieves irritation, treats acne, normalizes the secretion of glands, perfectly soothes the skin, makes it perfectly clean, smooth and renewed. It gently brightens pigmentation, smoothes and evens out the tone. 


Apply the contents of the ampoule to the skin and spread evenly. 


2 ml * 30 ea

$30-50Dull skin toneFace ampoulePigmentationThe SAEM

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