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Sale The Face Shop	Protect Me! Hand Cream

The Face Shop Protect Me! Hand Cream

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Hand cream
The Face Shop

Nourishing creams for your hands in lovely packing from The Face Shop. These hand creams moisturize and soften hand skin preventing unwanted peeling, flaking and pigmentation:

Lesser Panda – with avocado, restores your natural skin elasticity making your hands soft and tender.

Fennec Fox – softening cream with mango extract, great against wrinkles as it speeds up natural skin regeneration process.

Ocelot – with cocoa oil, moisturizes your hand skin, preventing micro cracks. Makes your skin velvety smooth, also taking care of your nails by making them stronger.


Apply desired amount onto your skin and massage you hands till it's fully absorbed. Use as often as you like.


30 ml

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