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Sale The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Master Blending Cleansing Cream

The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Master Blending Cleansing Cream

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Cleansing cream
The Face Shop

Daily cleansing cream with herbal extracts. Dust and everyday pollution, BB-creams, foundation products, powders and other makeup products, as well as dead skin cells and skin fat cause blockage of sebaceous glands. If these are not removed from the skin, they cause comedones, acne, clogged pores. This cleansing cream allows you to gently and effectively remove skin makeup, dirt and bacteria, without destroying the lipid barrier. It also moisturizes and nourishes, soothes and tones, brightens pigmentation and smooths wrinkles.

Foam with aloe vera has an intensive moisturizing and soothing effect, helps to retain moisture in the skin and starts the regeneration process, restores the structure of skin cells, accelerates the healing of inflammation.

Foam with lemon extract regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands, helps to narrow the pores, gently exfoliates keratinized skin cells, smooths skin tone and brightens pigmentation, refreshes.

Foam has powerful regenerating, stimulating, moisturizing and tonic properties. Accelerates the production of collagen, so that the skin again becomes firm and supple.


Apply to dry skin of the face, massage, then remove the residue with a cotton disc or paper towel. 


170 ml

Cleansing creamCombinationDryDull skin toneNormalOilyPigmentationPost-acneRednessSensitiveThe Face ShopUnder $15

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