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Sale The Face Shop fmgt Aura CC Cream

The Face Shop fmgt Aura CC Cream

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Cc cream
The Face Shop

CC-cream is an effective product that came to us from Asia for attractive makeup with perfectly smooth and clean skin. Give yourself such pleasure thanks to the Korean radiant CC-cream Aura Color Control CC Cream SPF30 from beauty experts of The Face Shop brand. The product has a soft, weightless consistency and is suitable for creating a natural make-up. The cream is filled with tiny flickering particles that reflect light and give the skin a light radiance that comes from inside. The product has a sun protection factor of 30 and perfectly protects against the aggressive effects of ultraviolet radiation to preserve the freshness and elasticity of the skin. The Face Shop Aura Color Control CC Cream SPF30 is suitable for owners of all types of epidermis. 


Apply to prepared skin. Press the button inside the container 1-2 times. The resulting amount of SS cream evenly distributed on the face and neck. 


20 g

$15-30CC creamThe Face Shop

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