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Sale SU:M37 White Award Enzyme Powder Wash Refill

SU:M37 White Award Enzyme Powder Wash Refill

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Face foam

Enzyme powder for face washing. The powder is enriched with fermented ingredients - the patented NAPS formula, acai berry extract, rice extract, etc. Efficiently cleans the skin of everyday dirt, removes dead cells.

Particles of the powder help to fight the appearance of acne, has a mild peeling effect, leveling the microstructure of the skin. Clears deep pores, adsorbing surplus sebum, resists acne. It gives a lightening effect for the skin, provides it with a healthy glow.

Anthocyanins from the acai, reduce the destruction of skin cells, counteract the aging process. As a source of fatty acids, acai nourishes and heals the skin. Phytosterols regulate the lipid activity of the upper layers of the skin. In addition, phytosterols stimulate the regeneration of skin cells. The skin looks radiant, smooth and healthy. Extract of acai berries saturates hair with vitamins and minerals, prevents their fragility, gives strength and shine.

The rice extract makes the skin smooth and soft and silky. Ideal for dry, aging skin. Rice extract moisturizes the skin, activates metabolic processes and smoothes wrinkles. 

This product developed on the basis of rice extract, are designed to combat premature aging, to refresh and soften the skin. It restores, nourishes the skin, prevents wrinkles. Saturated with amino acids and minerals, the rice extract gives the skin the nutrients it needs and strengthens the protective barrier. Doesn't contain flavors, talc.  


Mix a small amount of the product with a small amount of water. Apply, this substance to the damp skin of the face with massaging movements. After that, rinse with warm water. 


1.5 g x 40

$50+Damaged skinDryDull skin toneFace foamNormalPigmentationSensitiveSU:M37Wrinkles

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