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Sale Some By Mi Killing Coverst Moisture Cushion (Character) SPF50+ PA+++

Some By Mi Killing Coverst Moisture Cushion (Character) SPF50+ PA+++

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Some By Mi

Light but effective cover that feels weightless on the skin while perfectly covering the imperfections.

This cushion has a Waterproof Function that works well against sweat and water. It doesn't get smudgy when you are fixing makeup.

Coverst Moisture Cushion also has Whitening, Wrinkle, UV Light Blocking Functions. Long lasting product stays on your skin without darkening, while presenting clear and elastic skin.

Deep sea water and naturally derived extracts enhance facial color, control excessive sebum secretion, moisturize, calm the skin and help you to achieve beautiful and youthful skin. 


Apply to clean moisturized skin with patting movements. 


15 g

$15-30CushionDamaged skinDull skin toneLoose skinPigmentationRednessSome By Mi

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