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Sale Skinfood Truffle Age Defying Toner

Skinfood Truffle Age Defying Toner

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Face toner

Dual functional cosmetic with whitening + anti-wrinkle treatment. Glowing, resilient and younger skin from daily anti-aging care. The synergy of luxurious triple foods (truffle + saffron + platinum). Ultra-moisturizing, ultra-firming and anti-aging effects. This revitalizing emulsion toner that is quickly absorbed by dry and saggy skin while delivering moisture and elasticity deep into skin. Fully nutritious emulsion toner with a delicate blue light With a blend that controls the nutritional balance of oil and moisture. 


Take proper amount on palms and gently spread from inward to outward direction to apply, or pump for 2~3 times on cotton pad and gently wipe to apply, then pat to absorb. 


120 ml

$30-50Face tonerLoose skinSkinfoodWrinkles

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