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Sale Skinfood Sugar Topping Mask

Skinfood Sugar Topping Mask

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Face mask

New sugar masks for smooth skin! These exfoliating scrubs smell heavenly and leave your skin feeling porcelain smooth and soft. The sugar grains make for an excellent manual exfoliator and dissolve slowly as you massage them gently on your face. The hydrating formula moisturizes your face as it sets and after rinsing off, your skin is totally glowing and baby-soft.

Coconut - sloughs off dead skin cells, has a nutritional effect. Pure coconut oil thanks to its high content of lipids, proteins, Vitamins A, B, C, carbohydrates, as well as minerals and fruit acids, promotes the rapid regeneration of skin cells and protects it from the environment harmful effects. Being an excellent moisturizer, gives the skin firmness and velvety feeling. The mask contains: Aloe Vera extract (5000mg), glycerin, coconut extract (2500mg), shea butter, vitamin E, sucrose (50mg), coconut oil (50mg). Recommended for normal/combination skin types.

Honey - softens up your skin and turns it back to elastic and dewy look. Well-nourishes your skin and stimulates a natural exchange of epidermal & collagen cells. Forcees your skin to regenerate faster, with no leftovers of dead or keratinous skin cells. The mask contains natural honey (10%), honey extract (10%), sucrose (10%), vitamin E, etc. Recommended for dry skin type lacking some radiance.

Strawberry - soothes and tones lackluster skin while applying a moisturizing effect on it. The mask contains a large amount of AHA acids, which gently and imperceptibly exfoliate dead skin cells, as well as vitamin C, which takes an active part in the process of nourishing and regenerating the skin. Polyphenols, which are the part of strawberry extract, have powerful antioxidant properties. The high content of copper stimulates the production of collagen, in consequence of which the skin becomes elastic, tender and smooth. The mask contains strawberry extract, sucrose, strawberry seeds extract, maltodextrin, corn starch, ascorbic sodium phosphate, and ascorbic tetraisopalmitate. Recommended for sensitive, normal and dry skin.

Apple - contains pectic ingredients, AHA acids, a complex of vitamins B, carotene, salts of iron and phosphorus, flavonoids, antioxidants (bioflavonoid and ascorbic acid). Applies a slight exfoliating effect, caused by natural fruit acids (as known as AHA). It promotes the natural regeneration of skin cells, increases their immunity, softens and moistens derma layers, has an antimicrobial and wound-recovering effect. It has a high content of malic acid. Recommended for all skin types, especially for troubled skin.


Apply to the entire face with a thick coat. After 10~15 minutes, gently massage with warm water and wash. 


50 ml 

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