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Sale Skinfood	Premium Tomato Whitening Emulsion

Skinfood Premium Tomato Whitening Emulsion

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Face emulsion

Throw tomato energy charge to your face, just not literally yet naturally!

Another product of Premium Tomato whitening series. Recommended for all skin types, but especially targets blemishes and fine wrinkles. Has a very lightweight texture for careful smoothing and hydrating effect. Effectively whitens your skin, giving it a silky touch and protection against acne or any other imperfection.

Tomato series contain a natural tomato extract, 20% of clear component in total. Other 80% are taken with fruit & folium acids, E, C & K vitamins and extracts of sorrel. They work all together against blemishes and excessive sebum issues, which cause enlarged pores and clogged pore debris.

Tomato extract enriched with vitamins and different AHA acids brightens up your skin and gives it a fresh shiny look. Say 'good bye' to your tired and dry skin!


After lotion use, apply Premium Tomato Whitening Serum to face. Cover face with palms of your hand after application for deep absorption.


160 ml

$15-30Dull skin toneFace emulsionPigmentationPost-acneSkinfood

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