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Sale Skinfood Premium Peach Cotton Toner

Skinfood Premium Peach Cotton Toner

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Face toner

Premium toner with peach extract to control the oil content of the skin.

The ideal skin of beauties is often compared with a peach, because it is the same gentle and velvety! It is not surprising that the fruits and flowers of peaches in all sorts of combinations are used in cosmetics. In fruits of peaches, there're 80-90% of water, sugar, organic acids, minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional components. And all this value, juicy and fragrant peach fruits give to the skin.

Premium Peach Cotton Toner with peach extract is perfect for combination and oily skin, as it helps to control excess production of sebum, prevents the appearance of greasy shine, delicately mats the skin, makes it well-groomed and softly velvety. Peach extract 15% restores and revitalizes the skin, has an anti-ageing effect, as it activates the transfer of oxygen to the skin tissues, moisturizes, nourishes, refreshes and vitaminizes it, makes it more elastic and taut. In addition, the peach extract eliminates irritations and inflammations, and thanks to the fruit acids gently exfoliate the keratinized cells and promote gentle skin clarification.

Calamine (pink powder) is a component of natural origin, which is very popular and is used to relieve the condition in many dermatological diseases. In addition, Calamine has an official certificate of cosmetic preparation and as part of cosmetics, it removes redness, swelling, itching, and inflammation of the skin. 


Moisten the cotton pad and wipe the skin of the face with it. Before use, shake the bottle well. 


160 ml

$15-30CombinationFace tonerLoose skinOilyPigmentationPost-acneSkinfood

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