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Sale Skinfood	Premium Avocado Rich Essence

Skinfood Premium Avocado Rich Essence

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Face essence

Strongly recommended for use together with other Avocado Rich Essence series products. Based on Korean care system this product boosts up Avocado Rich Emulsion effect.

Avocado oil contains the highest percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids, used as a base of our tissues cells. There is another extremely useful substance in the oil - collagen. It's a part of subcutaneous fat which helps to strengthen the vascular walls. Is also an effective antioxidant and pusher for skin regeneration. Its substance presents all the possible groups of vitamins. Thanks to that, essence becomes a source of substances, necessary for full cells flow of every biochemical process.

Even a single use of this essence is enough to completely eliminate the feeling of dryness and stiffness, which often arises after taking a shower. A systematic use of it, especially in combination with other products from the same line gives a truly wonderful result.

The essence is free of paraben, mineral oil, preservatives and artificial fragrances.


After toner application, dispense two pumps and apply on entire face.


50 ml

$15-30DryFace essenceSkinfood

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