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Sale Skinfood	Premium Avocado Rich Emulsion

Skinfood Premium Avocado Rich Emulsion

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Face emulsion

Great moisturizing product made for thirsty and winded skin. Has a very lightweight formula gifting a fresh comfortable feeling of hydrated and smoothed skin. Softens up dry zones of your face such as cheeks and forehead. Contains a pureavocado extract (10% in total), ceramides and essential oils for the most premium care.


  • Enriched avocado oil - for the deep and careful nourishing of your skin with no blemishes and irritated spots. Doesn't clog into your pores or stack together with excessive sebum. Getting deeply into your skin layers, it speeds up skin recovery and collagen production. The sterols containing in avocado help to prevent premature skin aging, the formation of deep wrinkles and the appearance of age-related pigment spots.
  • The ceramides help to increase the moistening level of face skin, keep the dermal cells together, strengthen the cell walls, thereby preventing the premature appearance of fine wrinkles. Your skin receives a silky cover effect, looks dewy and refreshed.

Recommended for a regular use. The effect gets stronger with each new use.


After toner application, dispense two pumps and apply on entire face.


50 ml

$15-30DryFace emulsionSkinfood

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