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Sale Skinfood Avocado & Honey Lip Serum

Skinfood Avocado & Honey Lip Serum

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Lip serum

Dreaming about baby-like lips and not knowing how to turn back aging processes? Then you might get interested in this super recovering serum by Skinfood!

Sadly, skin on our lips recovers less and less elasticity as time passes. The UV, bad weather, and low quality cosmetics make it weak and lackluster..

Greatly enriched with avocado oil, shea butter, honey and royal jelly extracts. Made especially for dry and irritated skin. The unique composition of all those extracts deeply nourish, moisturize, tone up and soften any possible skin condition. The serum returns your lips skin to its natural beauty and gives them a bright color. Your lips are back to the moisturized and bright look. 


Vitamin E avocado oil - for the deep and careful nourishing of your lips with no exfoliating and irritated spots. Doesn't clog into your lip folds or stack together with dead skin cells. Getting deeply to your skin layers it speeds up skin recovery and collagen production. The sterols from the avocado helps to prevent premature skin aging, the formation of deep wrinkles and the appearance of new exfoliating areas.

Honey and royal jelly extracts are here for moisturizing and maintaining the level of hydration throughout the day. The extract is famous for its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Lime oil perfectly tones the skin, saturating it with a multitude of trace elements. It is known for softening, smoothing and lifting properties.


Apply adequate amount on lips.


10 ml

Lip serumSkinfoodUnder $15

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