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Sale Skinfood Aqua Grape Bounce Hydro Ampoule

Skinfood Aqua Grape Bounce Hydro Ampoule

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Face ampoule

Aqua Grape Bounce Ampoule is designed to effectively moisturize even the most dry skin. It's suitable for restoring the natural skin balance damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun, and age-related changes.

The main components of the line are the seawater from the protected island of Ulleungdo and seaweed extract of Sea Grapes. Seawater is a unique source of minerals necessary for the body, it contains salt ions of sodium, potassium, magnesium, bromine and other microelements. This ingredient nourishes the skin, disinfects and soothes it, helps to reduce puffiness. At the same time, it improves blood circulation, normalizes acid-base balance, and removes toxins. Iodine in the composition of seawater activates the regeneration of cells, which has a beneficial effect on the preservation of youth and skin beauty.

The extract of sea grapes has a high content of amino acids, such as threonine, valine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, etc. Some amino acids (glutamic acid, proline, glycine) act as collagen. These amino acids help to absorb moisture, improve the skin immune system and maintain the elasticity of the skin.

The composition also includes extracts of lemon, chamomile, aloe, chrysanthemum, seaweed, little rapeseed, argan, adenosine, collagen hydrolyzate, tocopheryl acetate, tripeptide-29 (active reductant of skin collagen), argyrelin (active ingredient with a muscle relaxant effect, helping to eliminate facial wrinkles).

As a result of using the ampoule, dryness and irritation will disappear. The skin will become elastic and will acquire a well-groomed appearance.


After using the toner, apply the appropriate amount of ampoule to the skin and tap it gently. 


55 g

$30-50DryFace ampouleLoose skinNormalSkinfoodWrinkles

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