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Sale Secret Key Tattoo Eyebrow Tint Pack

Secret Key Tattoo Eyebrow Tint Pack

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Secret Key

Well-groomed eyebrows, bright and expressive - the finishing touch of perfect makeup. Make this stroke a special mask for eyebrows with a tattoo effect!

This tint is a gel-ish product that could be easily applied with a brush. After drying, the product turns into a thin resistant film, which can also be removed easily and painlessly. The result is a persistent staying on for several days.

Contain panthenol, extracts of aloe, black beans, camellias and other components that care for the skin and eyebrows.


Cleanse the face of makeup and excessive sebum, dry the skin and apply the tint. To apply easily and symmetrically, we recommended to use a stencil. After about 2 hours, after complete drying, gently peel off the film, starting with the tip of the eyebrows.


8 g

BrowcaraSecret KeyUnder $15

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