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Sale Secret Key Syn-Ake Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Toner

Secret Key Syn-Ake Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Toner

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Face toner
Secret Key

Anti-aging face tonic with SYN-AKE content 4% (synthetic peptide, similar in its properties and composition with snake venom). This substance has a relaxing effect on the muscles, thereby reducing the number of wrinkles from the inside, helping to increase the immunity of the skin. This action is often compared with botox effect. Tonic is a good conductor for the intake of active substances emulsion and cream. Clears from dead cells and contamination, refreshes the skin and improves its immunity. Without parabens, dyes, alcohol, benzophenone, animal fats.


After washing, apply the required amount of toner with a cotton pad to the skin of the face, let it soak.


150 ml 

$15-30Face tonerLoose skinPigmentationSecret KeyWrinkles

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