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Sale Secret Key Syn-Ake Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Eye Cream

Secret Key Syn-Ake Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Eye Cream

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Eye cream
Secret Key

This cream contains snake poison promising a Botox effect, based on Swiss formula, which makes facial muscles relaxed and stronger.

The formula in this cream completely repeats the Secret Key Syn-Ake Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Cream. They have only one difference - the eye cream has a more lightweight formula so it doesn't pull your face skin down because of heavy consistency.

Recommended for aging skin 40+. Makes your skin even and youthful with no fine or big wrinkles under your eyes area or smile lines. Based on a strong peptides formula defensive as everyday skincare. Wrinkles will have no chance!

Ingredients: Syn-Ake (peptide), shea butter, aloe & caviar extracts, adenosine, arbutin and Vitamin E.

Thanks to tripeptides high consistency being similar to snake poison effect, it stops your facial muscles activity and your wrinkles get smoothed from inside. The main ingredient for this action is called Syn-Ake, made from temple viper poison. This poison effect is based on a quite interesting action, looking similar to muscle relaxants effect.

Amino acids from the reptilian poison block the production of neurotransmitters, which lead to the muscles contraction, so they do not allow the muscles to contract, which gives an incredible effect of relaxation and soothing. It was proved completely by in-vivo experiments, which lasted for a month.

The syn-ake peptide also provides an amazing effect of smoothed face skin withwrinkles and other aging imperfections. The effect itself lasts several days or even weeks - it depends on your skin health and other cosmetic products you're using along. Syn-Ake can replace first botox injections.

The cream guarantees the effects listed below:

  • Reduces the forehead wrinkles size by 52% in just 28 days;
  • Makes smile lines and "crow feet" less visible'
  • Smoothes and strengthens your skin;
  • Actively helps to increase your own skin immunity;
  • Prevents the formation of new wrinkles.

These effects reach the most problematic zones of your face such as horizontal wrinkles on a forehead, vertical wrinkles between eyebrows, mimic folds around your mouth, and under eye area wrinkles caused by bad eye side.

The Syn-Ake formula was created by Swiss scientists and was awarded Swiss Technology Award in 2006. The experiments showed that Syn-Ake helps to decrease facial muscles action more than to 82%. This effect lasts for approximately 2 hours and it's enough to decrease the amount of future upcoming wrinkles up to 52% less.


We recommend preparing your under eye skin with a slight cleaning before applying this cream. Put a few peas of cream onto problematic zones and gently massage them into your skin. Use regularly 2 times per day, after a month you may switch to the supportive mode and apply 2-3 times per week.

Warning! Do not use this cream along with products containing AHA acids. Snake venom gets completely destructed by fruit acids. Do not use the cream in case of pregnancy, duringlactic period and if you're are prone to edemas.


50 g

$15-30Eye creamLoose skinPigmentationSecret KeyWrinkles

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