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Sale Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence Rose Edition

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence Rose Edition

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Face essence
Secret Key

A limited edition of the essence containing rose water in the composition. The product contains a minimum of 9 components and gives the skin maximum benefit. Essence has a multifunctional effect: moisturizes and soothes the skin, makes it smooth and supple, smooths wrinkles, serves as a soft exfoliant, improves skin tone and brightens pigmentation.

Instead of ordinary water, natural pink water is used as a base - one of the best ingredients for looking after dry and fading skin. Rose water stimulates cellular renewal, the skin becomes elastic and elastic, wrinkles are smoothed out. Rosewater calms and regenerates, relieves redness, strengthens skin resistance to negative environmental effects.

Extract of yeast fungi Galactomyces (Galactomyces), which has an intense moisturizing, cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin, has tissue-strengthening and toning properties. Galactomyses is ideal for mature skin, penetrating even the deepest layers of the epidermis, restoring the elasticity of the skin, smoothing the relief and reducing mimic wrinkles, reducing the intensity and size of pigment spots, preventing the appearance of new ones.


Apply to clean face and leave until it completely absorbs.


150 ml

$15-30DryFace essencelimitedLoose skinPigmentationSecret KeyWrinkles

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