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Sale Secret Key Snow White Essence

Secret Key Snow White Essence

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Face essence
Secret Key

Intensive, ultra-penetrating product that effectively improves the general tone of the skin, combats hyperpigmentation and prevents the appearance of new pigment spots. Essence is intended for those who have lackluster skin, uneven complexion, excessive pigmentation, manifestations of couperose, traces of post-acne, etc.

The main clarifying component of the essence is niacinamide (vitamin B3), which has an intensive effect, promoting the cellular renewal of mature skin: improves skin elasticity, strengthens the barrier function, promotes its deep hydration and protects against dehydration, reduces visible aging, makes the skin more fresh, supple and elastic.

One of the most powerful actions of niacinamide is its proven effectiveness against hyperpigmentation of the skin: it helps to lighten and reduce age spots, remove traces of post acne, minimize the manifestations of couperose, and also remove redness and smooth out the skin tone.

Regular use of this essence gives an excellent clarifying effect, reduces the intensity of pigment spots and freckles, protects the skin from loss of moisture, damaging effects of ultraviolet rays and photoaging.


Apply the essence to clean and toned skin with light tapping moves.


30 ml

$15-30Dull skin toneFace essencePigmentationPost-acneSecret Key

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