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Sale Secret Key Snail Prestige Cream

Secret Key Snail Prestige Cream

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Face cream
Secret Key

A strong regenerating cream with mucin extract and epidermal growth factor, which has a powerful regenerating, moisturizing, anti-aging, toning and brightening effects.

It actively fights against first signs of aging, protects face skin from incoming environmental influences, eliminates irritations, pigment spots, post-acne scars and other skin imperfections.

The rejuvenating and restoring effects are based on the unique properties of snail extract. This substance stops early aging process, contributing to the intensive renewal of cells. In addition, snail mucin has a beneficial effect on the skin in the presence of dilated pores, acne, excessive pigmentation, scars, traces of burns and acne.

Another active component of this cream is an Epidermal Growth Factor (as known as EGF), which is a polypeptide related to human tissues. It effectively stimulates the regeneration of cells, allows you to maintain youthful skin and significantly improves its appearance, smoothing the texture and color, eliminating inflammation, irritation and enlarged pores.


Carefully apply to your facial skin, spread over your face with massaging pats.


50 g

$15-30Damaged skinFace creamLarge poresLoose skinPigmentationPost-acneSecret KeyWrinkles

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