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Sale Secret Key Pink Racoony Hydro Gel Eye + Cheek Patch

Secret Key Pink Racoony Hydro Gel Eye + Cheek Patch

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Eye patch
Secret Key

Another version of the famous Racoony patches for eyes and blemishes by Secret Key. The patches are multifunctional - could be used under eye area, and for treating smile lines, or even to moisturize your cheeks skin. Yes, you can use patches for cheeks! Koreans are really obsessed with brightening products, but also they want to have an accurate blush, with flat and natural look.

These patches suit all skin types and even the most sensitive one. Hydrated with Damascene rose flower extract and rose water itself for making your cheeks skin silky and velvety. Rose extract is known for strong anti-aging effect, coming along with smoothness and elasticity for your skin beauty. Recommended for a super sensitive yet capricious skin, which gets easily affected by rosacea, weather and temperature changes. Those components help it to recover faster and get its enlarged blood vessels go back to the narrowed look. The normal skin receives refreshed and toned up look , secured from early aging attack. An extract of clear gold containing in patches essence helps your blood microcirculation and to the toxins disposal. The blood microcirculation is important for skin look because it affects skin tone and can make it uneven. On top of that, well circulated blood helps the skin to look thicker and be more protected from the inflammation.

You may store the patch in your fridge to adjust an extra cooling effect.


Apply Eye Patch or Spot Patch on desired areas. Remove it after 20-30 minutes, then lightly tap the skin to absorb the remaining essence into skin. 


60 patches

$15-30Dark under-eye circlesDryEye patchLoose skinRednessSecret KeyWrinkles

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