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Sale Secret Key Mu-Coating LPP Repair Treatment

Secret Key Mu-Coating LPP Repair Treatment

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Hair mask
Secret Key

Regenerating mask with the effect of lamination for a strong and medium degree of damage to the hair. Also targets weakened and damaged hair, as well as for those who often dyes hair, does a perm and uses a hairdryer or curling tongs.

Penetrating into the very depth of the hair, the active components of the mask saturate it from the inside with keratin and other nutrients. The roots of the hair become strengthened, thereby reducing hair loss, restoring their structure.

So-called LPP (natural amino acid complex) is a lipoprotein protective complex containing a huge number of useful components that restore damaged hair.

Proteins - strengthen the hair along the entire length, giving them strength and elasticity, making them smooth and shiny. The mask has shown its effectiveness in eliminating dry dandruff, removing itching. The healing ingredients, penetrating into the structure of the hair, impregnate it from the bulb to the ends, envelope with a protective coating that protects from damage.

The keratin, which is part of the mask, fills the cavities of damaged areas, restores the structure of the hair, adds volume and strength.

Also in the composition of a huge number of natural extracts for hair restoration and treatment. Such as camellia oil, oil and avocado extract, almond oil, shea butter, walnut extract and much more.

The hair become well-groomed, smooth, shiny, silky.

Active components: water, allantoin, jojoba oil, lecithin, plant extracts (camellia, magnolia, etc.), glycerin, lecithin and many others.


You may use it as rinse off conditioner or hair mask - depends on your preference. Keep it on for no more than 5 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly after.


480 g

$15-30Hair maskSecret Key

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