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Sale Secret Key Miracle Fit Contour Stick

Secret Key Miracle Fit Contour Stick

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Secret Key

4 compact tools, several touches of which will create an impeccable makeup. Styles with a creamy texture sculpt the face, favorably emphasizing winning facial features and correcting some shortcomings, giving the skin a natural radiance and a gentle glow.

The stick is represented in 4 shades with different functions.

01 Miracle Fit Contour Stick Highlighting Soft Beam

The highlighter is designed to illuminate the skin, to give you a gentle glow and freshness. The smallest light-reflecting particles scatter the incident light, making the skin look smoother and silky. Stick is resistant to high humidity and sweat.

02 Miracle Fit Contour Stick Pink Coral

Blush will give the person a gentle glow, creating the most natural blush. The creamy texture of the blush is easily spread over the skin and gives it a translucent coating, light and delicious.

03 Miracle Fit Contour Stick Shading Medium

The corrector is intended mainly for the V-zone (cheekbones and chin). The product applied to these areas help to give your look an expressiveness, visually reducing the face size, emphasizing the contours and highlighting the area of the cheekbones, nose and chin.

04 Miracle Fit Contour Stick Shading Dark

Corrector with the same properties as Contour Stick Shading Medium, only a darker shade.

Each of the products contains natural ingredients that care for the face skin, nourishing and moisturizing it, preventing the appearance of dryness and irritation, and also protect from the aggressive effects of environment.


Apply on desired areas of your skin, gently blend it out with a sponge or a special brush.


6.5 g

ConcealerSecret KeyUnder $15

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